The Scottish Universities Folk Festival (SUFF) is an unincorporated association supervised by a management committee.


The objects of SUFF are laid out in our constitution as being:

(a) To promote a community of students, young people and other parties as deemed relevant, primarily in Scotland, who take part in or are otherwise interested in traditional and folk culture of Scotland, the British isles and beyond.

(b) To uphold the following values in its activities: inclusivity, accessibility, equality, community and fidelity to student- or locally-led initiatives.

(c)  This shall be achieved by supporting festivals hosted by societies concerning folk, Celtic or Scottish culture, or any other society deemed appropriate at the discretion of the managing committee, at Scottish higher education institutions. Such festivals should focus primarily on the provision of a space for attendees to network and celebrate folk culture, while offering affordable folk-culture activities which uphold the values in 2.(b).

(d) Not to discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender or religion.

The Festival

Each year, SUFF selects a relevant society at a Scottish higher education institution to host a festival which promotes our objectives. This society is responsible for the majority of the event, while we offer support, marketing and publicity channels and facilitator funds. The hosting society works with SUFF, regularly meeting to discuss the festival progress and to ensure that SUFF’s values and objectives are upheld.

Management Committee

Chair – Ruth Salter

Secretary – Katie August

Treasurer – Graham Campbell

Members of the management committee can be contacting via email to