SUFF 17 – Cancelled

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It is with the deepest regret that we have to inform you of the cancelation of this year’s SUFF event, SUFF ’17.

The decision to end a partnership between SUFF and St Andrews Folk and Traditional Music Society was made following irreconcilable differences over the values and spirit of Scottish University Folk Festival events. SUFF has always been about creating an affordable networking event for students interested in folk culture – our mission has been to bring people together at minimum cost to share in folk culture as a communal activity. Sadly the direction of the host’s 2017 festival differed from SUFF’s core values, and attempts to work together to find a solution to this situation were passed over. It would be disingenuous to continue an event representing SUFF when SUFF’s values have been so overlooked.

Taking SUFF to a new host was always going to present new challenges, and we are disappointed that the values which have underpinned SUFF in the past did not translate to a new setting. We hope SUFF can continue to bring people together for commonality rather than profit in the future, but realise that this year’s events may endanger that vision.

For now, we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of SUFF ’17 and thank all those who have supported SUFF in the past.

SUFF 17!

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We’re delighted to announce that SUFF 2017 will be hosted by our friends at St Andrews Folk and Trad Society on 13-15 October.

Known for its cobbled streets, extensive beaches and historic ruins, St Andrews is an iconic location for this year’s festival. St Andrews Folk and Trad Society are planning a weekend of old and new SUFF specials to make SUFF 17 a folkie weekend to remember.

St Andrews, watch out: the folkies are coming!

SUFF Programme!

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We’re pleased to be able to show off our complete programme! Join us for all manner of tunes, dancing and socialising this weekend in Edinburgh! It’s so soon…



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