Sadly plans for a SUFF festival in partnership with Aberdeen University Celtic Society in 2019 had to be cancelled. We thank the individuals and organisations who had intended to be involved in the event, and our friends at AUCeltSoc who worked towards producing it.

At the time the event was cancelled, the following announcement was made on Facebook:

‘We’re sad to let you know that SUFF and Aberdeen University Celtic Society have made the mutual decision to cancel this year’s Scottish Universities Folk Festival. Unfortunately, AUCeltSoc has recently undergone some changes in the management team which mean it no longer has the capacity to continue producing the event.

We at SUFF would like to apologise to anybody who may be disappointed by this news, and to thank the organisations and individuals who had planned to be involved in the event. We also want to thank the people at AUCeltSoc who worked towards producing SUFF 18/19; we’re glad to have had the opportunity to work together.

The SUFF management committee have made the decision, following the cancellation of this year’s festival, to dissolve the Scottish Universities Folk Festival. We first made SUFF four years ago to create an inter-university folkie community in Scotland, and we’re pleased that there do now seem to exist more connections between folk societies than when we started. For all of us now, though, our undergraduate days are behind us and we don’t feel best placed to oversee the continuation of this project. We hope the links created by the festival can continue to be fostered by new students and societies.

Thanks to everybody who’s been involved with SUFF over the past four years.’


Aberdeen University CC